Thursday, April 14, 2011


I would certainly each of us has a friend. If not, dear friend, my usual. It is human nature. We were made for each other to socialize and communicate with each other. Try to imagine living without one for us to talk and play? Of course silence instead. 

There is also a problem in search of friends and relations themselves. Sometimes when we do good to friends, never directly unnoticed and unappreciated. There was a stab in the back. Expect fences, eating rice. Friend of this type of quality. 

Everybody is friends. Everybody can become friends. However, we can become a good friend? A friend of a friend who helps others when in distress. 

Some people said, a good friend who was there at the moment of laughter and tears. True at all. It was a true friend. It was a friend.People who can we expect in any situation. Friends a place to express all the feelings, buried in the hearts of the hidden room. 

Each of us can become true friend. Not close friends, but a true friend. Quality. But of course, not all people who choose such a thing. When my calamity, lose their self. When friends are not aligned, do not want to relax together and feel lazy to talk. 

It is not difficult to become a true friend. Quality and sincere friends in this relationship. Let us reflect on ourselves .. 

no one can replace all of my friends ..
My friends are my friends ..

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